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London Climate Resilience Review – Interim report Jan 2024

January 17, 2024

Today the London Climate Resilience Review published their interim report into London’s preparedness for the impacts of climate change, highlighting a number of strategic, priority recommendations for the mayor and national government. The independent Review was commissioned by the Mayor of London and chaired by Emma Howard Boyd, former chair of the Environment Agency and … Read publication

City of London Climate Action Strategy – integrating adaptation into climate plans

November 1, 2022

LCCP partner -The City of London Corporation- adopted its ambitious Climate Action Strategy in 2020, with commitments to achieving ambitious net zero emissions targets but crucially, also committing the City Corporation to pursue climate resilience in its buildings, public spaces and infrastructure. The City Corporation commissioned Buro Happold to undertake an assessment of the climate-related … Read publication

A Framework for measuring and reporting of climate related physical risks to built assets

September 23, 2022

The UK Green Buildings Council (UKGBC) ,an LCCP partner, have launched a Framework to provide organisations with a consistent methodology for measuring climate-related physical risks to built assets.  For large organisations and financial institutions within the UK, mandatory disclosure of climate-related risks has been in force from April 2022 in line with the Task Force … Read publication

Adaptation Pathways Starter Pack

April 30, 2021

The LCCP, the Environment Agency, and the Thames Estuary Partnership present this adaptation pathways starter pack for people working in flood risk management, planning, community flood groups, and others. Adaptation pathways mark a change from the “know everything first” approach to climate risk management. This starter pack is intended to give people working on adaptation projects … Read publication

A Cool Place to Live

February 3, 2021

The London Wildlife Trust and Neighbourhoods Green produced this good practice guide to climate change adaptation through greening in social housing. A Cool Place to Live (PDF)   Housing associations provide homes and support for some of the most vulnerable people in England and research has shown that it is the most vulnerable who are likely to … Read publication

Adapting Dwellings to Climate Change – Retrofit advice tool

April 16, 2020

This web tool was developed as part of the CREW (Community Resilience to Extreme Weather) project led by Loughborough University. The aim is to inform retrofit adaptations to reduce dwelling overheating during heat wave periods, whilst also considering the effect on annual heating energy use and cost. The results are based on modelling the effects … Read publication

London sector impacts review

November 1, 2019

As part of London’s 1.5 degree action plan, this report was commissioned to provide an easy-to-read review of climate impacts for London, using up-to-date information in key sectors. It identifies gaps in our understanding of climate impacts, highlights where knock-on impacts might occur due to disruption in one sector, and provides recommendations for stakeholder engagement to improve … Read publication

Retrofitting London – Guidance for social housing projects

February 16, 2014

These factsheets build upon our work in the field, providing guidance to busy housing professionals about the importance of integrating adaptation features within all retrofit projects. … Read publication

Observing London: Weather data needed for London to thrive

July 17, 2013

Weather observations are among the most important data required for a city to function. London has a surprising amount of weather data – about 260 stations that measure some aspect of London’s atmosphere, including rainfall, temperature and air quality.
Observing London highlights that more comprehensive and accessible data will helps us to better understand and adapt to current and future conditions – ensuring the capital is a resilient and thriving city. … Read publication

Your social housing in a changing climate

February 12, 2013

London is already affected by events such as floods, heatwaves and droughts, and as our climate changes we expect to see an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. Those vulnerable people living in social housing are likely to feel the effects the most and so it rests with social landlords to ensure … Read publication