Adaptation Pathways Starter Pack

30 April 2021

The LCCP, the Environment Agency, and the Thames Estuary Partnership present this adaptation pathways starter pack for people working in flood risk management, planning, community flood groups, and others.

Adaptation pathways mark a change from the “know everything first” approach to climate risk management. This starter pack is intended to give people working on adaptation projects a clear basic understanding of the approach, with straightforward language so that they can communicate and engage confidently. It sets out the basic concepts, principles and key elements, and uses the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan as a case study to demonstrate practical application of the approach.

The pack consists of two presentations (videos, slides, and notes linked) and a series of factsheets to explain different elements of the approach.


Principles of Adaptation Pathways:  Video   Slides   Slide Notes

Thames Estuary 2100 Case Study:  Video   Slides   Slide Notes

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 0: Read this first

Fact Sheet 1: International case studies

Fact Sheet 2: The benefits of adaptation pathways

Fact Sheet 3: Options Assessment

Fact Sheet 4: Thresholds

Fact Sheet 5: Monitoring

Fact Sheet 6: Decisions in Collaboration

Fact Sheet 7: More about adaptation pathways

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