Retrofitting London – Guidance for social housing projects

16 February 2014

The Business Case (149.01 KB)

A Checklist for Retrofits (165.09 KB)


The London Climate Change Partnership has created two short and easy to read factsheets that build upon our work in the field – including 2013’s Your Social Housing in a Changing Climate . The publications have been designed to provide guidance to busy housing professionals about the importance of integrating adaptation features within all retrofit projects.

The Business Case: Incorporating adaptation measures in retrofits outlines the financial case for adaptation – including a breakdown of costs and benefits, as well as identifying the best opportunities for funding.

A Checklist for Retrofits: Measures to incorporate when planning a retrofit  highlights important ‘do’s and dont’s’ when planning a retrofit project. The checklist offers practical guidance and solutions to ensure that retrofits are resilient to extreme weather and climate change, and avoid the dangers of maladaptation.