Urban Albedo

Urban Albedo Computation in High-Latitude Locations: An Experimental Approach (Urban Albedo) The Urban Albedo project is a partnership between Kent University, Loughborough University, and Brunel University, funded by EPSRC. The project aims and objectives are to: Incorporate accurate calculation and prediction of urban albedo in the planning and design process Investigate experimentally the impact of urban … … Read more

Adapting London’s Health Sector

The new London Environment Strategy sets out a sector-based approach to adaptation, in which LCCP will convene sector partners and relevant experts to share knowledge, identify priorities for action, and collaborate in resilience planning. On June 29, experts from health and related sectors joined us for an initial discussion about the climate change impacts on … … Read more

Climate Change Adaptation Indicators for London

Policy 8.1.2 of the draft London Environment Strategy calls upon the London Climate Change Partnership to work with stakeholders across sectors to identify, develop, and monitor a set of climate change adaptation indicators for London. Such indicators would aim to provide a systematic collection of data about observed weather conditions, impacts experienced by different sectors … … Read more

Food Security and Climate Change


The 2017 UK Climate Change Risk Assessment evidence report identified risks to food security as a top priority for the UK—in terms of resilience of supply chains, food price spikes and volatility, and food safety. In partnership with the London Food Board, LCCP organized a roundtable discussion to explore the issue in greater depth, understand how it might affect … … Read more

Resilient Businesses: Victoria BID


Resilient Business looks at how business communities and individual businesses can use adaptation measures to improve their resilience to extreme weather and climate change, as well as identify opportunities for growth. … Read more

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