Food Security and Climate Change

The 2017 UK Climate Change Risk Assessment evidence report identified risks to food security as a top priority for the UK—in terms of resilience of supply chains, food price spikes and volatility, and food safety. In partnership with the London Food Board, LCCP organized a roundtable discussion to explore the issue in greater depth, understand how it might affect London, and work out what needs to happen at different levels of decision-making to ensure the resilience of the city, food-wise.

Notes and presentations from the January 24 roundtable:

Note of the discussion

Presentation: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence on Food Security (Adaptation Sub-Committee)

Presentation: Nutrition of the Nation (Public Health England)

Note: Solutions and Opportunities (Sustain)

Presentation: Food Sector Risk and Resilience (Defra – note: Defra was unable to attend but provided these for information)