Promoting the Resilience and Sustainability of London’s Health Sector

LCCP works to convene sector partners and relevant experts to share knowledge, identify priorities for action, and collaborate in resilience and longer-term adaptation planning.

In partnership with Public Health England and the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, the LCCP has established a Health and Sustainability Network for London. Its purpose is to share learning and good practice and promote action to improve sustainability and climate-resilience in London’s health sector and communities. Current activities focus on:

  • Implementation of health and care sustainability requirements
  • NHS Long-Term Plan commitments – how to implement and link with climate change adaptation
  • Communicating for better resilience, particularly among vulnerable populations

In June 2018, experts from health and related sectors joined us for an initial discussion about the climate change impacts on London, the wider policy context for adaptation, and London’s approach to working with sectors and monitoring climate resilience in the capital.

Participants were asked to contribute their views about what a well-adapting health sector in London would look like, and how this could be achieved.

Supporting and Monitoring the Resilience of London’s Health Sector – Note of the meeting

Climate Change and Health Systems in the UK: Impacts, Vulnerability, and Monitoring – Sari Kovats, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Policy Context: The National Adaptation Programme – Nick Jackson, Defra

Evaluating Adaptation Progress in Sectors: Approach and Indicators – Kristen Guida, LCCP


As part of London Climate Action Week 2019, we held a further event “From Emergency Response to Year-Round Resilience: Managing Heat in London.”  This session considered what we can do year-round to protect Londoners from the risk of excess heat. Use the link for more information and presentations.

For more information about this project, contact Kristen.