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Resilient Businesses: Victoria BID


Resilient Business looks at how business communities and individual businesses can use adaptation measures to improve their resilience to extreme weather and climate change, as well as identify opportunities for growth. … Read more

Commercial Property Resilience

Retrofit guide

With more adverse weather events affecting London, we need to ensure the city’s infrastructure, buildings and services are resilient enough in order to manage extreme situations that may be beyond our current capacity to cope. … Read more

Understanding the Ripple Effect – Anytown


Anytown, a project led by London Resilience, is bringing together over 100 experts from over 50 London organisations to discuss the potential implications of disruption to electricity and water supply. … Read more

Adaptation Economy

Lead Partner: Greater London Authority

Canary Wharf skyline through fog © Ian Bell

The Greater London Authority and London Climate Change Partnership have recently commissioned a study of London’s Adaptation Economy. The analysis will estimate the value of economic activities that can be defined as increasing London’s resilience to the impacts of extreme weather events and climate change. … Read more

Retrofitting London

Lead Partners: Sustainable Homes, Greater London Authority, Thames Water & Environment Agency

Colne and Mersea Tower Blocks

The amount and scale of retrofit projects being carried out in the capital presents an opportunity to ensure London’s buildings and residents are resilient to extreme weather and climate change. Understanding how climate change will impact our homes, identifying priority risks and acting on them now can save landlords, residents and local services time, money and disruption. … Read more

Overheating Thresholds for Londoners

Lead partners: Environment Agency & Greater London Authority


This research project explores the nature of overheating events so that we may reduce the risks for Londoners, and keep our city running efficiently in future heatwaves. … Read more

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Guidance

Lead partners: Greater London Authority, London Boroughs


LCCP has developed a resource for policy-makers which addresses the connection between health, well-being and environmental change. The guidance identifies the strategic challenges involved and outlines what practical steps can be taken to increase the health and resilience of London’s communities. … Read more

Health and Social Care Programme

Kids in Hilly Fields

LCCP has been working with the health professionals and organisations since 2010 to identify the risks and opportunities they face from climate change, and help them adapt accordingly. … Read more

Capturing Adaptation Research for London

Lead Partners: UKCIP, Environment Agency


LCCP has identified a need to build and improve networks between academic research, local decision makers and sectors that need to adapt to climate change. … Read more

Retrofitting social housing: Barking & Dagenham

Lead partners: Sustainable Homes, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Mayor of London, Sprunt, United House, Environment Agency

Picture: Spencer Griffiths

Barking and Dagenham Council recently carried out a major retrofit of two tower blocks that included a range of climate change adaptation features, based upon LCCP guidance. We are producing a findings report to learn from this project – highlighting the most successful aspects of the work, lessons learnt, cost-benefit and scalability. … Read more

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