Capturing Adaptation Research for London

LCCP has identified a need to build and improve networks between academic research, local decision makers and sectors that need to adapt to climate change.

Stronger networks and connectivity will allow us to:
• improve information exchange
• ensure that LCCP’s work programme and membership is informed by up to date projects and research results
• create a platform for potential synergies
• identify knowledge and information gaps

As an initial step, we gathered the results of academic research on adaptation that have particular relevance to London and highlighted specific case studies for dissemination.

This project also aims to establish an ongoing mechanism to improve the connection between the outputs from research with the sectors and local decision-makers who could use them. We have begun this process by examining the current channels for communication between researchers and the potential users of their research, and considering possible models for LCCP to facilitate this communication.

If you would like more details about the project, and see the research we have done so far, you can contact us here.