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COVID-19 and Heatwave: Managing Concurrent Risks

18 June 2020, 14:00-15:30
Online meeting

This meeting was organized by the LCCP in collaboration with the Greater London Authority Fire and Resilience team and Public Health England (PHE). It follows the publication of a new set of PHE resources and advice about managing heatwave in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose was to provide an opportunity for local health and resilience practitioners to learn more about PHE’s thinking and its plans in relation to COVID-19, heat, and concurrent risks. PHE also sought feedback on its advice from those working on heatwave and COVID-19 response and was keen to understand the challenges and barriers local responders face—as well as any ways in which COVID-19 response may be enabling heatwave resilience.

Speakers gave brief talks followed by questions and discussion.


Event report (includes links to resources)


Talks (if presentation slides not used, a note of the talk will appear in the event report):

This summer’s expected weather 

Mark Rogers, Met Office Advisor for Civil Contingencies


Heatwave planning and COVID-19: The national perspective

Emer O’Connell, Head of Extreme Events team, Public Health England: Heatwave Plan for England: Summer preparedness 2020


Local heatwave response: Lessons, challenges, needs

Fiona Mair, London Resilience Manager, London Resilience: London’s emergency response in the context of COVID-19

Annette Figueiredo, Policy lead on heat, Greater London Authority: Managing heat and COVID-19 from a London policy perspective

Marie-Noelle Vieu, Public Health Consultant, LB Lambeth: Trialling heat/COVID-19 advice in Lambeth


Other concurrent risks

Gianluca Pescaroli, Lecturer, UCL IRDR: Managing concurrent risks and COVID-19

Alan Burrows, Deputy Director, Readiness and Response, Environment Agency: The Environment Agency’s flood response in light of COVID-19


An international perspective

Anne-Marie Hitipeuw, Chief Resilience Officer, The Hague: COVID-19 and Heat in The Hague