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Two towers fit for the century to come

15 July 2012

Residents in two tower blocks in Barking have benefited from ground-breaking works to upgrade the performance of their homes and ensure they are more resilient to extreme weather. The tower blocks have been extensively refurbished and set a new standard for renovation. … Read more

Planning and Climate Change Guidance published

25 April 2012

Climate UK is proud to support the publication of the first sector-led environmental planning guidance of its kind since the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) took effect last month.  The guide is being launched in Parliament today by the Planning and Climate Change Coalition. The Coalition represents over 35 cross-sector organisations and is led by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) and Friends of the Earth. … Read more

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment published

26 January 2012

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) 2012 has now been published. It is the first assessment of its kind for the UK and the first in a 5-year cycle. It provides underpinning evidence that can be used by Government to help inform priorities for action and appropriate adaptation measures. It also highlights where more work is needed to understand the scale and nature of the risks, and to help us consider what action we need to take and as such will inform the development of the National Adaptation Programme (NAP) which UK Government will publish in 2013. … Read more