Projects Categories: Overheating

Adapting London’s Health Sector

July 9, 2018

The new London Environment Strategy sets out a sector-based approach to adaptation, in which LCCP will convene sector partners and relevant experts to share knowledge, identify priorities for action, and collaborate in resilience planning. On June 29, experts from health and related sectors joined us for an initial discussion about the climate change impacts on … … Read more

Heat Risk in London

July 1, 2014


LCCP runs a Heat Risk in London group, which acts as a hub for knowledge exchange between organisations working on the various aspects of planning for heatwaves and responding to longer term overheating risk. … Read more

Commercial Property Resilience

Retrofit guide

With more adverse weather events affecting London, we need to ensure the city’s infrastructure, buildings and services are resilient enough in order to manage extreme situations that may be beyond our current capacity to cope. … Read more