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Futurebuild 2019: London’s Climate Resilience

06 March 2019

ExCel, London

London is already feeling the impacts of climate change, both directly with severe weather in the city, and indirectly, because of its interconnectedness with the global economy and reliance on imported resources.

This session brought together a range of expertise to explore how to ensure the viability of London’s society, economy, and environment in the face of climate change and related challenges for the design, operation and refurbishment of its buildings and infrastructure. Lisa Horrocks of Mott MacDonald chaired as speakers provided short, provocative presentations covering the following questions:

  • What are the challenges that climate change presents for London, and how do interdependencies of infrastructure, buildings, nature, and people affect risk and decision-making?
  • How do we deal with conflicting priorities, e.g., between emissions reduction, tackling poor air quality and climate resilience?
  • What do organizations need in order to understand, transparently disclose and manage climate-related risks
  • What are London’s major infrastructure partners doing to manage climate impacts?
  • What solutions exist to support more climate-informed decision-making?


Agenda and speaker presentations:

Chair’s welcome

Lisa Horrocks, Mott Macdonald


Introduction to the LCCP, the challenges for London, and how we’re working in partnership

Kristen Guida, LCCP


Topic 1: Heat

Mitigating and adapting to heat above and below ground​

Dr Katherine Drayson, Principal City Planner – Environment, Transport for London


Knowledge exchange highlights: LCCP Heat Risk in London Group

Helen MacIntyre, Senior Environmental and Public Health Scientist, Public Health England


Topic 2: Water: scarcity and excess

Planning to mitigate climate impacts

Sam Kipling, Spatial Planning Lead, Environment Agency


The role of different stakeholders in building flood resilience

Sarah Mehryar, London School of Economics


Topic 3: Green Infrastructure solutions


Green infrastructure focus map

Peter Massini, Principal Policy and Programme Officer, GLA


Satellite based mapping and monitoring of green infrastructure as a climate service

Briony Turner, Climate Services Development Manager, Space4Climate


Topic 4: Smart solutions

Next gen labs for a smarter future

Professor Nick Tyler, Director of the UCL Centre for Transport Studies and Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering

Samuel Chorlton, DAFNI Project Lead


Flemish smart energy industry

Ariane Decramer, Account Manager and Internationalisation, Flux50


Climate smart cities

Mark Jenkinson, Siemens and London Climate Change Champion