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Take part in a free on-line climate change course

27 October 2014

The University of Reading is running a free on-line climate change course, starting on 10 November 2014. … Read more

Climate UK launches sector tools and resources for building a resilient environment

8 October 2014

Climate Uk

Climate UK is launching a new suite of resources that are supporting the crucial role that the local planning process plays in creating a resilient and well-adapting built environment. … Read more

LGA launches 2014 Climate Local annual report

9 July 2014

Today the Local Government Association, through its Climate Local programme, launched its 2014 Climate Local annual report. … Read more

Londoners at increasing risk of heatwaves and floods

9 July 2014

Responding to the publication of the report on ‘Adapting to Climate Change – climate risks to the economy and well-being’ by the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change, Professor Chris Rapley CBE, Chair of the London Climate Change Partnership, said: The London Climate Change Partnership welcomes this timely and informative report. London’s weather … Read more

Time for change? Climate Science Reconsidered

25 June 2014

On 24 June 2014, the UCL Policy Commission of the Communication of Climate Science released a new report, ‘Time for Change? Climate Science Reconsidered’ … Read more

Climate Prepared: A resource for tourism businesses

13 May 2014

After flooding, storms and tidal surges left many tourism businesses struggling to survive this winter, the Government funded a support programme for tourism businesses in the areas affected, which drew upon Climate UK’s tools, ‘Climate Prepared’ and the ‘Business Resilience Health Check’. … Read more

Better Environment, Better Health publications launched

11 November 2013

The Better Environment, Better Health guides were launched today, and these publications build on the initial evidence base in Linking Environment and Health, commissioned by the London Climate Change Partnership and delivered by the GLA. … Read more

New report shows how London can lead cities worldwide

17 July 2013

London has played a leading role in the field of weather science for centuries. Weather observations in London began in 1659, providing one of the longest records of any city in the world. London Climate Change Partnership’s latest report ‘Observing London: Weather data needed for London to thrive’ outlines that improving the quality and access to weather data helps us to better understand and adapt to current and future conditions – ensuring the capital is a resilient and thriving city. … Read more

London Climate Change Partnership welcomes new members

9 July 2013

Professor Chris Rapley, Chair of LCCP, today welcomed three new Members to the London Climate Change Partnership: the Grantham Research Institute, University College London and Trucost. … Read more

Climate UK welcomes new Met Office service

4 June 2013

On 3 June 2013, the Met Office launched Climate Service UK, its new brand which encompasses the range of climate science services it provides within the UK. To help avoid confusion between the two names Climate UK has offered its interpretation about how the services of Climate UK and Climate Service UK differ, but are also complementary. … Read more