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LCCP Update November 2022

28 November 2022

General News Items The Joint Committee on National Security Strategy had strong words for the government in terms of their state or preparedness and planning for the impacts of climate change. Call for Government to “get a grip” on climate change impacts – Committees – UK Parliament COP update from ECIU –  COP27 – ECIU … Read more

LCCP Update Oct 2022

6 October 2022

News stories Climate change made 2022’s northern-hemisphere droughts ‘at least 20 times’ more likely – Carbon Brief Loss and damage: What happens when climate change destroys lives and cultures? – Carbon Brief Summer is over but the UK is unprepared for the heatwaves to come – FT weekend 29th Sept 22 Consultations LCCP partner the … Read more

LCCP Update 7 March 2022

7 March 2022

IPCC Report: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability  You’ll have seen by now that the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment (AR6) Working Group II published its findings last Monday in a report called “an atlas of human suffering” by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. There has been plenty of good commentary on this 3000+ page report, but we’ll add a … Read more

LCCP Update 7 February 2022

7 February 2022

Measuring and Reporting of Climate-related Physical Risks  Mandatory disclosure of climate-related risks is due to come into force from April 2022 for large organisations and financial institutions, likely expanding to smaller organisations by 2025. In order to support organisations in measuring and reporting climate-related physical risks, UKGBC is launching a new TCFD-aligned report which provides guidance on … Read more

LCCP Update 14 January 2022

14 January 2022

  London’s climate risk mapping training session recording  Last month we held a workshop training session with Bloomberg Associates for stakeholders from across London and beyond. It covered the background and purpose of the mapping project, the features of the mapping, and how decision-makers are using the mapping in their sectors to help consider at-risk … Read more

LCCP Update 17 December 2021

17 December 2021

Building Regs changes to support net zero, prevent overheating  Under new regulations introduced on 15 December, CO2 emissions from newly built homes must be around 30 percent lower than under current standards. Emissions from other new buildings, including offices and shops, must be 27 percent lower. In addition, all new residential buildings—including homes, care homes, … Read more

LCCP Update 29 November 2021

29 November 2021

Greening for cooling and clean air  The Global Centre for Clean Air Research at Surrey University and University of Wollongong in Australia present this Healthy Green Streets webinar on 1 December, the final webinar in a series looking at street-scale greening for cooling and clean air in cities (the SCAN project). The webinar will feature … Read more

LCCP Update 17 November 2021

17 November 2021

Climate risk mapping workshop event  Our climate risk mapping has been put through its paces recently as part of GLA projects like Grow Back Greener and Future Neighbourhoods 2030. But we’re still keen to support partners and stakeholders who might want to use it in developing projects, programmes, and strategies. If you’d like to find … Read more

LCCP Update 5 November 2021

5 November 2021

Need help following COP26?  All the news and commentary around the negotiations and other events can be bewildering. Luckily, the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities constituency of the UNFCCC (LGMA) has compiled a list of four publications providing background that can help you get to grips with what’s going on. The NDC Synthesis Report gives … Read more

LCCP Update 19 October 2021

19 October 2021

Government response to the Climate Change Committee adaptation progress report  On 19 October, Government published its response to the CCC’s 2021 report, Progress in adapting to climate change, providing feedback on each of the CCC’s recommendations. There are few surprises here, and many references to existing or ongoing work. Among the interesting points: In response … Read more