LCCP shares insights on developing regional adaptation strategies at international conference

20 October 2014

LCCP recently contributed to the Delta in Times of Climate Change international conference in Rotterdam. This brought over 1200 delegates together to take forward resilience and climate change adaptation in coastal cities. … Read more

Climate Change and the Thames Estuary

17 September 2014

Adam Guy, Programme Manager at Thames Estuary Partnership, explains how climate change resilience sits at the heart of all of the Thames Estuary Partnership’s activities. … Read more

Flood Risk in the City

15 August 2014

Simon Mills, Head of Sustainable Development at the City of London, is telling us how the City has adapted to flood risk over the years and how it is preparing for upcoming challenges. … Read more

Cool solutions for overheated homes

17 July 2014

On Wednesday 16th July the Zero Carbon Hub hosted a workshop looking at tackling overheating in homes … Read more

Looking beyond the bricks and mortar

1 July 2014

The London Climate Change Partnership’s (LCCP) report Your social housing in a changing climate (2013) effectively makes the case for the implementation of adaptation measures in the housing sector in order to ensure that our homes and the often vulnerable people that reside in them are more resilient to the impacts of climate change. … Read more

Infrastructure failure : how would Anytown adapt?

25 June 2014

Last week LCCP partner London Resilience hosted three workshops as part of the Anytown project. … Read more

Better data for better resilience

13 June 2014

This week the ARCC conference took place at Birmingham. The ARCC network is fostering knowledge exchange in the field of adaptation and resilience in buildings, urban environments, transport networks, water resources and energy systems. … Read more

A Crowd Power Plant to foster renewable technologies

5 June 2014

The Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2014’s winner James Winfield, Co-Founder of Crowd Power Plant, shares his experience of contributing to reduce London’s Co2 emissions … Read more

The storm surge of 2013 – 6th December

13 December 2013

Tim Reeder writes about the storm surge of 6 December – the highest surge levels since the Thames Barrier was built. Tim explores the various forms of flood risk that London faces and outlines the work that the Environment Agency and other LCCP Members are carrying out. … Read more

London given top marks for preparedness in new study

14 August 2013

Academics at Newcastle University have studied cities’ response to the climate challenge and their report states that that London leads the way. … Read more