Water shortages during 2012

In early spring 2012 following the driest two-year period on record we had a serious water shortage and this led to the imposition of water use restrictions to conserve valuable resources. We need to prepare for the possibility that this might become a more common occurrence in future, and we are preparing for this possibility as part of our water resource planning.

We were really grateful to everyone for following the ban restrictions and using water wisely, and during the hot, dry spell in May, our customers helped save 100m litres a day. We continue to urge our customers to continue to use water wisely whatever the weather. So if you’ve installed a water butt, please keep using it. If you’ve started taking shorter showers, please keep it up. If you want to do more and would like to receive free water-efficiency devices please visit the water-efficiency section of our website

In future we’d like your help in setting our priorities and planning our work for the next 25 years and beyond. We want to provide services that will suit our customers’ needs, while taking into account the challenges we expect to face in the future. For more information about our plans for the future or to let us know what you think is important please click here.

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