Your home in a changing climate: retrofitting existing homes for climate change impact

2 February 2008

Your home in a changing climate (2.78 MB)

Most of our existing housing was constructed for the climate of the last century and, with the current low rate of new build, will need to be upgraded to cope with the climate of this century and beyond.

We commissioned Arup to conduct research into climate change impacts on our existing housing stock, and to identify the primary options, and attendant costs, of retrofitting the stock.

The report’s focus is ‘to inform and promote the adaptation of the existing residential building stock for a future climate. The study covers dwellings from private individuals to housing associations, with an emphasis on water conservation, drainage, flood risk and ventilation’.

The report:

• identifies the main impacts of climate change on existing housing stock
• explains why retrofitting is necessary
• examines different types and tenures of existing domestic buildings
• outlines the main technologies, designs, appliances, installations and practices for retrofitting

Three case studies demonstrate how each building type (house, flat and block of flats) can be fully retrofitted.

The document is a high level summary report, aimed at influencing policy makers, funding agencies and suppliers.