Green benefits in Victoria Business Improvement District

1 August 2012

Green Benefits in Victoria Business Improvement District (2.35 MB)

London Climate Change Partnership has worked with Victoria BID to analyse the vulnerabilities around Victoria, and the potential for greening measures to improve resilience. The study considered the impact of public and private trees as well as other types of green infrastructure assets including green roofs and gardens. Understanding the structure, function and value of Victoria Business Improvement District’s green infrastructure can inform decisions that will improve human health and environmental quality.

The report presents a quantitative assessment of the air pollution, amenity, carbon storage and sequestration benefits of trees as well as the storm water and surface temperature benefits of existing green infrastructure in the Victoria BID. Trees in particular can provide a wide range of benefits such as storing carbon, reducing the urban heat island effect and improving air quality.

With an understanding of the structure, function and value of the green infrastructure in the area we are able to make informed and appropriate decisions about the potential for future greening.