Climate Just

As part of Climate UK, we are working with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to maintain a new online resource for practitioners in England on issues of social disadvantage and climate change. This resource is based upon the research into climate vulnerability and social disadvantage done for JRF by the University of Manchester.

Climate Just’s website is live at

Climate Just aims to support users in developing socially just responses to climate change. It provides:

information and guidance on what climate change and social justice is and why socially just responses are important and relevant (including how this will help organisations to meet statutory duties);

information and maps to identify which people and places are particularly socially vulnerable and disadvantaged with respect to different climate change impacts;

information about how communities may experience further disadvantage through policy, such as through the effects of mitigation measures on those experiencing fuel poverty;

principles for action for different audiences;

guidance on approaches to support local decision-makers to take account of the issues;

information on how to respond and examples of actions taken, including case studies illustrating where practitioners have taken action (for example, to address social vulnerability, support community resilience).

Climate Just is primarily aimed at practitioners in housing, public health, resilience, social care, planning and environment roles, although we anticipate that the information provided could be used much more widely.

LCCP hosted a re-launch of Climate Just, with new mapping information and features, in February 2018. Find out about the event here.

>>For more information on the JRF programme of research behind Climate Just, visit their website