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Workshop series: Creating a Nature-Based Solutions Framework

Partner Event to be held on 27 July -13 August 2020
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UKGBC is running a two-year Increasing Nature-based Solutions programme to enable more ambitious industry targets and increase the application of nature-based solutions (NBS) in urban areas for climate resilience and environmental net gains. This is designed to help the built environment sector achieve the ambition, that “By 2030, all buildings and infrastructure will, throughout their lifetime, be climate resilient and maximise environmental net gains, through the prioritisation of nature-based solutions”. 

To meet the programme’s objectives, UKGBC will research, co-create and publish a “Framework for increasing NBS in urban areas: For climate resilience and environmental net gains.” A key component to developing this framework is to collaborate with experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals.  

Each of these four industry workshops will focus on a themeFunding and Financial Models; Measurement and Reporting; Adapting and Translating Policy; and Business Models and ProcessesAttendees will work in groups to identify the actions and methods that developers, owners, operators and occupiers can take between now and 2030. 

Come along for an opportunity to collaborate with peers from across industry and share knowledge and experience to create a framework that will be adopted into industry practice. Recognition of contributions will be made within the framework publication