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Vulnerability and social justice in resilience

21 June 2019
City Hall, London

On June 21, we hosted and co-organized this seminar about “Less-heard voices within civil society for resilience: engaging diverse groups in knowledge exchange and capacity building.”

This event was part of a nationwide series of seminars on resilience and civil society being led by Lindsey McEwen at UWE. It considered our perceptions and misconceptions of vulnerability and how social justice can be incorporated into adaptive responses.

See the event agenda here.

We were pleased to have colleagues from resilience, communities, policy, academia, and civil society to help us consider the following questions:

  • Who are the less-heard voices?
  • What are the relationships between environmental justice and social justice, social vulnerability, adaptation?
  • How are we working with vulnerable communities? How do we identify and appraise vulnerability?

We were also delighted to have a talk from Robin Leichenko from Rutgers University, who shared her experience of promoting equity in New York City’s adaptation planning.  You can find her presentation here.

A video with the presentations and discussions can be found on the CASCADE-NET page here.