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UKCP18 Briefing

10 January 2019, 13:30

The 2018 UK Climate Projections (UKCP18) will be a major upgrade to the range of UK climate projection tools designed to help decision-makers assess their risk exposure to climate.

The project will build upon the current set of projections (UKCP09) to provide the most up-to date assessment of how the climate of the UK may change over the 21st century. It will include updated observations and climate change projections for the UK and globally, to help equip decision-makers to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

Please join the London Climate Change Partnership at City Hall for a briefing with the Met Office project team, where you can ask questions and learn about the latest climate projections data, including:

  • Updated probability projections
  • Global projections
  • High resolution projections
  • Daily, monthly, seasonal, annual, and long-term observations since the late 1800s
  • Marine projections to 2100

The data will also be accompanied by helpful supporting material, including headline summaries, science reports, and a user website with guidance and tutorials.

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