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Heat Risk in London

28 November 2013

London Climate Change Partnership organised a ‘Heat Risk in London’ meeting at UCL to tackle the actions set out by a series of projects undertaken by the LCCP Steering Group, on heat thresholds, health and social housing.

The group consisted of representatives from the local authority, transport, resilience, public health and academic sectors.

Actions for heat risk group:

• Background to selection of the actions
• Are the actions proposed still appropriate and achievable?
• What is missing?
• Learning points from 2013 hot weather.

1. Work with London Resilience to incorporate heat risk on London Community Risk Register in a way consistent with Met Office, NHS and Health Protection Agency thresholds.
2. Convene further discussion among the relevant actors on the research, development and implementation of low cost public awareness campaigns and guidance on how individuals can prepare and respond to hot weather events.
3. Ascertain what thresholds work will be done on a national scale by the EA and what elements are better taken forward at a city scale.
4. Collect and share case studies and learning

1. Create some scenario narratives to give context to the remainder of the Thresholds work with decision-makers. Use the outputs of Defra’s ECR heat scenario modelling to build this on.
2. Engage academic partners with expertise in the health aspects of social vulnerability and how they might affect the prioritisation of adaptation actions
3. Develop detailed responses to extreme weather and future climate change through scenario planning – working with resilience forum partner

For further details about the project Matthew Dear via