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Climate-resilient schools

29 June 2021, 13:30 - 15:00
Online webinar

The effects of overheating, flooding, and poor air quality are already being felt in our buildings, including our schools. Some 49 percent of London’s schools are at high or medium risk from surface water flooding. High temperatures already affect the wellbeing and concentration levels of schoolchildren.

Climate change will increase the frequency and severity of flooding, summer overheating and drought, and vulnerability to these risks is not evenly distributed. Children are particularly at risk because of limited capacity to respond to severe weather events and their reliance on adults for support.

In this session, a deep dive on the CAMPUS theme as part of the London Climate Action Week Schools Climate Summit, we explored the nature of climate risks to schools and heard about ways of adapting school buildings and grounds to make them more resilient and healthy.

View the recording here.


How schools can adapt to climate change (2:50)

Annette Figueiredo, Principal Policy and Programme Officer, Greater London Authority

Dan Bicknell, Principal Policy and Programme Officer, Greater London Authority


Overheating risk under future climate scenarios and climate change adaptation for schools (24:20)

Dr. Tim Taylor, CIBSE School Design Group


John Burns Primary: a climate-resilient school (37:55)

Daniel Johns, Head of Public Affairs, Anglian Water and Associate Governor, John Burns Primary School.


Taking action in schools for healthier air indoors (51:06)

Briony Turner, Secretary, Indoor Air Quality Working Party