LCCP Update 21 June 2021

Posted on 21/06/21 by Kristen Guida

London Climate Action Week events  There is still time to check out the ever-growing list of exciting climate-related events for LCAW, and here’s a reminder of what we’re organizing:

  • Climate-resilient schools  Part of the Schools Climate Summit CAMPUS Deep-Dive series, this event will explore the climate risks to schools and showcase examples of how to make our school buildings and grounds more healthy and resilient. Find out more about the Schools Climate Summit here.
  • Tackling microclimates and dwelling overheating  In this event, which we’re organizing with Buildings and Cities journal, we’ll present two new B&C briefing papers and hear responses from policy and practice about how to consider microclimate and overheating risk in decision-making
  • Developing a Met Office heat service for London  The Met Office has resource to produce an urban heat service for London. Come along to this event to contribute your views as a potential user to ensure that it’s as practical as possible.


Webinar: New BSI standard on adaptation pathways  This webinar will introduce the new British Standard BS 8631:2021 Adapting to climate change: using adaptation pathways for decision making. Come along to find out more about this approach to adaptation, which helps organizations create long-term plans and make decisions within the uncertainty and risks from a changing climate. Featured speakers include our own Tim Reeder and Janet Laban from City of London, as well as Rosalyn Schofield from the Climate Change Committee. 21 July, 2pm


Webinar: Cities on the Frontline: Addressing Urban Heat  Organized by the Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank, this webinar follows on from last year’s discussion of Compounding Vulnerabilities: Urban Heat and Covid-19, and features colleagues from The Hague and Athens to discuss ideas and solutions to tackle urban heat. 24 June, 1pm BST


Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risks  You’ll have seen items in the news about the launch of the Climate Change Committee’s evidence report for the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment last week. If you didn’t have a chance to join the launch event, you can watch it here (it’s well worth the time). And you can find the assessment and accompanying documents here and here.