Better Environment, Better Health publications launched

Posted on 11/11/13 by admin

The Better Environment, Better Health guides were launched today, and these publications build on the initial evidence base in Linking Environment and Health, commissioned by the London Climate Change Partnership and delivered by the GLA. Better Environment, Better Health is a joint initiative between the GLA’s environment and health teams offering a bespoke guide to each of London’s thirty three boroughs, describing the impact of seven wider environmental determinants of health on their specific populations and highlighting possible actions that could be taken to promote a better environment leading to better health and well-being, overall, for Londoners.

These guides are written for borough Health and Wellbeing Boards, Directors of Public Health, elected members, Regeneration and Planning Officers, Environmental Officers, Health Watch and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The guides aim to influence local borough decisions and how budgets are decided and allocated.

The hope is to encourage more collaborative work to reinforce London’s resilience to changes in climate and improve Londoners’ health.
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