Developing a Surface Water Strategy for London: Updates

23 May 2024

23 May 2024: London Surface Water Strategy Webinar

The London Surface Water Strategy is now at a critical point in its development, before our interim publication in July 2024. In the webinar, the LCCP invited the London Surface Water Strategy Group and their consultants to provide updates on progress on developing the strategy and what challenges we are working to address. This work is a ground-breaking example of collaboration across multiple London partners to tackle one of the impacts of our changing climate.

November 2023: One Year On

2021 London Flooding


This week is London Flood Awareness week, and this time last year the partnership brought people together at London’s City Hall to hear from organisations across London who were dealing with the aftermath of catastrophic flooding in 2021 and trying to help communities and places become more climate resilient. One of our speakers introduced some ground breaking work that had begun to bring organisations responsible for governance, infrastructure and water resource management in London together to develop a strategy and a plan for how to deal with the risk of surface water flooding.

As our climate changes the risks from more extreme weather events is increasing – this includes things like flash flooding and heatwaves, both of which London has suffered over the past 3 years, impacting communities and individuals across the capital.

The Mayor of London, Thames Water, London Councils, Transport for London, the Environment Agency, the Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and the London Fire Brigade have formed the Surface Water Strategic Group and are now developing London’s first strategy and action plan for dealing with this risk.

For this year’s London Flood Awareness Week we asked the group to come and update us on how their work.

You can see the slides here. LFAW Webinar Slide Pack

If you’d like to find out more about the work of the group or get in touch with them then please visit the surface water strategy pages onĀ