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EAC – Heat Resilience and Sustainable Cooling

January 31, 2024

Today the Environment Audit Committee publishes its findings from its inquiry into heat resilience and sustainable cooling in the UK. The inquiry was launched against a backdrop of an increase in extreme heat events globally including the first recorded 40 degree C day in the UK. Met office predictions are that these periods of … Read more

LCCP response to the London Climate Resilience Review

December 5, 2023

The London Climate Resilience Review¬† was set up by the Mayor of London to identify the gaps and actions needed to improve London’s resilience to increased environmental impacts as a result of a changing climate. This independent review is chaired by Emma Howard Boyd and has been taking evidence from stakeholders through 2023. The Partnership … Read more

Future Buildings Standard

April 12, 2021

The Future Buildings Standard: Consultation on changes to Part L (conservation of fuel and power) and Part F (ventilation) of the Building Regulations for non-domestic buildings and dwellings; and overheating in new residential buildings Find the consultation here Our response covers the sections of the consultation document pertaining to overheating. You can read it here.

Infrastructure Investment Plan 2050

April 1, 2014

Read LCCP’s response to London’s Infrastructure Investment Plan 2050 … Read more

Defra consultation – Proposed approach to the second round of the Adaptation Reporting Power

February 12, 2013

Read LCCP’s response to Defra’s consultation regarding the Government’s proposed approach to second round of the Adaptation Reporting Power … Read more

Defra’s Triennial Review of the Environment Agency and Natural England

February 1, 2013

Read London Climate Change Partnership’s response to Defra’s Triennial Review of the Environment Agency and Natural England … Read more