Categories: Extreme weather

The storm surge of 2013 – 6th December

December 13, 2013

Tim Reeder writes about the storm surge of 6 December – the highest surge levels since the Thames Barrier was built. Tim explores the various forms of flood risk that London faces and outlines the work that the Environment Agency and other LCCP Members are carrying out. … Read more

Equinox extreme weather guides – alcohol, drugs and mental ill health

June 6, 2013

Charlotte Tarrant writes about how the charity Equinox produced valuable guidance for people who use drugs and alcohol, and for people who suffer from mental health. … Read more

How Superstorm Sandy helps us think closer to home

November 2, 2012

With rising seas and changing climates, cities like New York and London face significant challenges. So what can we learn from New York? A similar event to Storm Sandy is very unlikely in London, but we can benefit from learning about the real damages and successes. We can make London more resilient by asking where New York’s preparedness saved lives and protected property, and where they needed to do more. … Read more