Climate Change Adaptation Indicators for London

Policy 8.1.2 of the draft London Environment Strategy calls upon the London Climate Change Partnership to work with stakeholders across sectors to identify, develop, and monitor a set of climate change adaptation indicators for London.

Such indicators would aim to provide a systematic collection of data about observed weather conditions, impacts experienced by different sectors of society, and interventions taken to prepare for, respond to, and recover from climate-related risks. We also hope to capture information about how the most vulnerable people are affected, so that we can work to ensure that our responses to climate change are targeted and don’t exacerbate social inequality.

Over time, this work will give us a better understanding of whether our efforts to prepare London for extreme weather and climate change are effective. Largely drawn from existing data sets, this collection of information will capture evidence of good and poor performance, identify adaptation priorities, and highlight gaps in our knowledge.

For more information, contact Kristen.