Trucost joins with over 12 years experience helping companies, investors, governments, academics and thought leaders to understand the economic risks associated with their natural capital dependency. As a world leader in natural capital accounting, Trucost is aligned with many global experts, including membership of the TEEB for Business Coalition, hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme, and the Natural Capital Declaration for investors. Through the application of its research, data and analytical capabilities, Trucost appraises the environmental costs and benefits of business and policy decisions. This information is communicated so that environmental factors can be more easily embedded in decisions, ensuring businesses and public bodies generate maximum economic value today, while positioning themselves more sustainably for the future.

Tom Barnett

Tom joined Trucost in 2008 and is responsible for managing the company’s key client
relationships and business development in the UK, France, Germany, Eastern Europe and Japan.  Since joining Trucost he has also been involved in a number of projects with government bodies, including a groundbreaking London-wide supply chain initiative with Capital Ambition.

He has extensive experience of working with public and private sector clients in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, specialising in the environmental performance of organisations’ operations and supply chains and in the valuation of environmental externalities.