London Sustainability Exchange

London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable London by connecting and motivating people.

As a charity LSX works in partnership with business, government and the voluntary sector to:
• Reduce London’s environmental footprint
• Improve the lives of London’s disadvantaged communities
• Improve the health of Londoners
• Improve the knowledge and skills of our communities to achieve these goals.

To achieve these goals we run learning networks and innovative exemplar schemes. We also seek to influence policy and practice throughout London.

LSx takes inspiration from many sources, identifying the critical elements for any given project and continuously building on our own experiences and those of others. In 2010/11 we were able to save 1,300 tonnes of CO2 and engaged with 120,000 people to lead healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.

London is inherently vulnerable to climate change. It is exposed to far greater potential damage from flooding than any other urban area in the UK. London is the area of the UK predicted to experience the most climate change due to the urban heat island effect, which leads to additional rise in temperature. Most Londoners are aware of climate change, but there is considerable confusion about the impacts on our city, and whether anything we do as Londoners can make a difference.

We aim to increase understanding of climate change: that it is happening now, it is affecting London, and that we can all play our part to reduce its impacts.