Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance market and is home to over 50 managing agents and over 80 syndicates, which offer an unrivalled concentration of specialist underwriting expertise.  Lloyd’s believes that the insurance industry is in a unique position to be able to encourage mitigation and adaptation.  We therefore participate in many cross-industry, UK and international projects and initiatives including the London Climate Change Partnership. We also produce numerous reports and publish news stories and articles on various aspects of climate change.

Lloyd’s was a founding member of ClimateWise, a global insurance initiative focused on reducing the risk of climate change. Through ClimateWise, we are engaged in numerous activities to encourage and facilitate adaptation.  Notably, Lloyd’s has worked on an initiative to encourage sustainable claims practices and reduce the environmental impact of domestic properties.  Lloyd’s has also written and publicly discussed the need for appropriate risk based pricing to ensure insurance does not de-incentivise adaptation.  We have also encouraged close collaboration between the insurance industry and key stakeholders involved in flood management including ways to improve flood resilience. Lloyd’s is also supporting the work of the London Climate Change Partnership to improve weather observations in London.

Lucy Stanbrough


Lucy Stanbrough is Executive, Emerging Risks and Research at Lloyd’s. The team is responsible for research and scenario development concerning risks which are highly uncertain, yet which could generate major impacts. 

Prior to joining Lloyd’s, Lucy worked for over 10 years as a natural hazards and GIS consultant, alongside working at the UCL Hazard Centre, where she maintains an honorary Research Associate post. Lucy has contributed to a number of books on the use of technology and online systems pre, during, and post-disaster, and has been involved in research across regions and hazards: from volcanic risks at Mt Rainier, to water security issues in the Himalayas.  Lucy maintains an interested in the integration of scientific knowledge to business applications, and connecting knowledge to people, and people to knowledge.