Environment Agency

The Environment Agency protects and improves the environment, making it a better place for people and wildlife. It operates at the place where environmental change has its greatest impact on people’s lives.

The Environment Agency reduces the risks to people and properties from flooding; makes sure there is enough water for people and wildlife; protects and improve air, land and water quality and applies the environmental standards within which industry can operate. Acting to reduce climate change and helping people and wildlife adapt to its consequences are at the heart of all that we do.

The Environment Agency is already one of the leading public bodies working to prepare for a changing climate. We are experienced in considering climate risks in our work to manage flood risk and coastal erosion, safeguard water resources and protect the water and wetland environment. The new service complements our existing roles and responsibilities and is part of Government’s work. In 2013, Government will publish its national plan for adapting to a changing climate (National Adaptation Programme) which will set out actions that need to be taken. For further information on the Government’s work, please visit Defra’s website.

The Environment Agency was a founder member of the LCCP and has been supportive in setting up related initiatives and projects in London. It has carried out the Thames Estuary 2100 Project which has produced a plan for managing flood risk in the Thames Estuary for the next 100 years, including developing a world leading adaptable approach that can cope with the uncertainty surrounding the rates of future sea level rise.